Hotel Smart Card (10 cards)

Hotel Smart Card (10 cards)


"For a caring host, it's not only the comfort and satisfaction of the guests that matter, but also the easy and quick access to all the necessary information for the guests.”


One of the biggest problems that hotel managers need to solve for guests is ensuring a positive and satisfactory guest experience.


Custom designed Hotel Smart Card with NFC

Guest informations with a card touch!

  • NFC Technology
  • QR Code
  • Online link sharing

Digitalization in Hospitality

  • NFC Cards with custom QR and URL Links to the Mini Website
  • All useful and important information available at the touch of a button

Add custom functions:

  • Wi-Fi password
  • Google reviews
  • Tripadvisor reviews
  • Taxi calling
  • Navigation to the hotel - to ensure guests don't feel lost in the city
  • Restaurant offers
  • Emergency informations
  • Collect feedback
From the guest's perspective, all they need is a smartphone to scan the data using NFC chips or QR codes.
In the package we send you 10 pcs of the hotel smart card.

Included in the price:

  • Card design with your accommodation's logo
  • 10 pcs of Hotel Smart Card with NFC and custom print of the front side of the card
  • Card setup and upload digital content with our customer service


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We speak: English, German and Hungarian!
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