Google Reviews or Tripadvisor Rating Cards with NFC? Much more than that!

Smart Hotel Cards

Smart Hotel Card + You = Maximum Guest Satisfaction!

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What is a smart guest card?

From the guest's perspective, all they need is a smartphone to scan the cards using NFC or QR codes.

The Hotel Guest Information Cards contain important and useful things that guests often ask.
Whether Wi-Fi passwords, local attractions, exclusive local offers, transportation details, or recommended taxi services, these cards have it all.
Enhances the guest experience to an even higher level, open room door, collecting Google Reviews and TripAdvisor ratings, further boosting your property's reputation and recognition.

Are You a Hotel or Guesthouse Owner Who Wants To:

Effortlessly manage your guests and ensure smooth check-in
Reduce time spent on educating your guests about the hotel and nearby attractions
Collect Google Reviews & Tripadvisor Ratings from guests
Get rid of printing costs associated with brochures
Expand the perception of the accommodation with environmentally conscious and innovative solutions
Yes, I Want This!

If you Resonate With One or More of the Above, the Smart Guest Card is For You!

we increase guest satisfaction

With many years of experience in high-quality NFC Card Software development behind us, we have put together a special Guest Card that is unique in the world.

Reduce Service Demands

Lighten the load on your customer service team. Our Smart Guest Cards empower guests to find the information they need independently, enhancing their overall experience and allowing your staff to focus on exceptional service.

Smart Card Entry (optional)

Our Smart Guest Cards open doors swiftly and securely, ensuring a seamless check-in and added convenience for your guests.

Connectivity at Fingertips

Guests can access Wi-Fi codes instantly and hassle-free, staying connected throughout their stay. No more searching or asking - just a simple touch to get online.

Local Insights and Attractions

Elevate your guests' adventure. Our cards provide quick access to local attractions and must-visit spots, making their stay unforgettable and tailored to their preferences.
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Here’s How Our Smart NFC Card & QR Code Will Ensure Incredible Guest Hospitality and Experience


Local Wireless password sharing

Google Reviews

Collect instant feedback from guests


Collect instant feedback from visitors


Save accommodation's contact in the phone


Recommend local attractions and interesting places


Offer the best culinary experiences


Tell them where to go to party into the night


Provide contact to medical clinics, hospitals or local police


Instant reach to generate more interactions


Instant reach to generate more interactions


Instant reach to generate more interactions

Useful Websites

Collect your websites and any other important url links on one place


Local restaurant offers

On-Site Services

Offer the Hotels's services to the guests


Start the route planing to the Hotel

Call Reception

Phone call can be started with one click


No tiping is necessary, just one click on the button


Guests can contact you at any time with their questions


Quick connect


Quick connect


Cards that make your guest say:

This place is cool!!!

Quick Access

Easy to use. Just tap and get information instantly.

No Apps needed

Works without any special apps. Just use your smartphone.
NFC compatible Smartphones

Save Paper

Environment-friendly. Saves paper as everything is digital.


Forget about administration and technical tasks!

We do this in the background

Design editor

Upload logo or profile picture, set colors or special icons

Password Protection

Secure selected informations from public


Check guest usage and profile visitor statistics - soon*

Digitalization in Hospitality

Smart profiles can be easily updated.
The Hotel Smart Card is easy to use and customizable according to the accommodation's specific needs and style.

Testimonials and reviews

"Well that's just awesome!"
Peter T.
CEO, Human Resource
"I took great advantage of it during my stay there!"
Sofia K.
"Using the card is a great tool to me to share every important infos with newly arriving guests."
John B.
Local Host
"Why hasn't this been implemented everywhere yet?
Judit S.
Beauty Salon Manager

why should your Hotel use smart guest cards?

1. Digital receptionist and tour guide to reduce staff workload
2. Good experiences make your place their favorite choice
3. Collect high-value reviews instantly
4. Good words from happy guests go online, making your place famous
5. By analyzing the guests' card usage, you can find out what to focus on
6. RE-Marketing can be built with professional tools (e.g. Subscriber form)
7. Generate extra income by advertising local service-partners for your guests

How do we work?

1. Request an offer according to your needs.
2. We will send the offer within 24 hours.
3. After agreement, we plan the custom card design and digital content, produce the cards and send them within 10 days.
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Do you want to know more about Smart Hotel and Guest Cards?

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