Earn money with ClickMe Smart solutions

You can do this in two different ways.

affiliate Partner

Media, Blog, Vlog, Influencers

Are you building an online community in your business? Blogs, vlogs, magazines, influencer channels?
Then our affiliate system will surely come in handy for you. With unique referral links, we identify every visitor you direct to our pages and credit you with a high commission from their purchases.
We will refund 15% of the total amount of purchases made through you to your account.
This is our way of thanking you for choosing ClickMe and contributing to a paperless and greener world!

You can find further details in the Affiliate Program.

Business Partner

Print Shops, Graphic Designers & co.

Become a freelance web designer, office supply store owner, or anyone else - within our business partner program, we provide unique procurement prices and give you freedom in sales.

If you want to design your clients' cards or mini-websites yourself and customize them according to your own prices, we also welcome your interest.
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