Make relationship building faster and easier.

Our goal is to make relationship building faster and easier among each other while reducing paper usage. ☝️

But how? ▶️

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a business card that:
✅ is simple (no need to manually enter data, just save it)
✅ is contactless (thanks to NFC technology, it can be scanned by holding it near a smartphone; no need to distribute physical cards)
✅ is fast (instantly displays all the information you want)
✅ is cost-effective and saves time
(No more need for printing preparations or throwing away outdated paper business cards if your information changes or you start working in a different position)
✅ is always up-to-date (the content can be modified at any time and can be personalized, which you can edit yourself)
In addition to your contact information, you can share anything else you consider important.
It could be a social media page, website, catalog, or even a draft contract… only your imagination sets the limit!
We have thought about it. And this is what we came up with ➡️ Click Me Smart card 🟥
📉 Less paper, more data 📈
The ClickMe Smart business cards now available in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

"I simply love it! It's innovative, modern, not to mention that I don't have to constantly worry about running out of my existing batch of business cards. It adapts to as many things as I want to associate with it, without becoming overcrowded. I deal with multiple activities, so I don't need a separate business card for each one. Is there a better solution than this?"

Janet. H., Freelancer

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