The Importance of Remarketing

For those who have a customer base and are working to expand it, the term 'remarketing' is not unfamiliar. Whether you're in the hospitality, manufacturing, or service industry, someone is selling something.

Sales are preceded by marketing

And if you can target your marketing efforts effectively, that's the jackpot! But how?

Is it 1,000 email subscribers or 1,000 followers on social media?

There are many opportunities for those who understand the digital world's system. They can build a network that can attract visitors from all directions to the desired point, whether it's a job posting or a newly opened restaurant.

In today's world, having a presence on social media is necessary if you want to showcase yourself to potential customers. However, in terms of reach, the majority of your target audience won't be informed about your updates.

In terms of effectiveness, a well-built email list and database still hold the power to drive marketing forward, closely followed by sales

So, if someone isn't an enemy of their own company, they strive to grow their database. If they work in HR, it's about job applicants. If it's in marketing, it's about those interested in their services.

How can we help to expand your customer database?

Our partners truly harness the possibilities within ClickMe. Just as they collect online feedback (e.g., Google and Facebook reviews), they also gather email subscribers.


Just like saving a contact with one click, subscribing to a newsletter is also just one click away

A perfect example of this is one of our street food locations, where, in addition to the menu and orders, database building is also taking place. And while we're at it… Nini Food Truck… For those who love Italian flavors. Cheeses, Italian hams and salamis, as well as the taste of pesto and roasted vegetables in butter…

ClickMe has never been just a business card. It's a marketing and customer communication tool that allows us to direct interested parties to the right place.

And how can we set it up so that the card, for example, during an event, can ONLY perform one temporary function, such as ONLY operating as a Review card or ONLY gaining followers on Facebook? This will be the topic of our next blog."

Check how ClickMe Guest Card work.


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