How to Share a Google Reviews Link

We may all be aware by now of what's worth paying attention to on the internet when searching for a product or service. These reviews often make our decision-making process easier.

Google pays attention to positive reviews as well. They hold significance for our website's organic reach and whether customers ultimately choose us. It's like a storefront about us, but we don't arrange it; our customers do.

Just waiting for someone to spontaneously award us a few stars might not be the most effective solution.

There's another, more secure step from a marketing perspective as well. That step is placing the review platform directly in front of our customers by asking them to share their opinions.

What should be kept in mind is that everyone's time is limited, and they won't dedicate more than a few seconds to this.

Therefore, the Google Reviews interface should be presented in a way that requires minimal effort beyond clicking on the stars and possibly writing a few lines.

How can I extract the Google Reviews link from my business profile so that clicking on it takes users directly to the review interface?

Let us show you step by step:

1. Log in to the Google Business Profile Manager using the following link:

2. Choose your business page from the list, then click on the "Ask for reviews" icon.

3. By sharing the received link, you can immediately navigate your target audience to the review interface.

How can we get more Google Reviews using the ClickMe Smart Card?

Place it under a Google Review button, so during personal meetings, you just need to touch your NFC Card to the customer's smartphone, and you can immediately request them to write a few kind words about your business.

In the case of a sales network, it's recommended for everyone to add this feature to their ClickMe Smart Cards and ask them not to forget to gather a few stars during customer meetings to accompany future orders.

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