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Sales, HR, Marketing, IT - all rolled into one

Our life is an integral part of social communication. Visual representation at business level. We operate at an industrial level in the fields of active brand building and quality content production. The experience gained in this area has created the need to create something groundbreaking to enhance the effectiveness of personal relationship building.

"You can always do it smarter, better and more efficiently."

The creators

This is what drives us. And one more thing. The love of nature. In our work, we constantly interact with many people. What caused trouble for us was:
1. Deciding whom to give which of our contacts to in order to be relevant (many things are happening with us, this is purely the reason)
2. We often encountered situations where people give us their business cards, but then take them back because the number needs to be changed on it as it has been updated, but new ones haven't been printed yet. We could list more, but essentially, at first, we tried to solve this with an elegant, simple move by having a data carrier with easily changeable, always up-to-date information that fits in a small space with us, which we can even share with others at the top of the Dolomites.

And this is where the NFC card came into play

I update the data on it when I need to, as I want. You can always use it. Another positive side is that we use less paper. It's just a drop in the ocean, but it's still good to think that we're helping a little. Many small, environmentally conscious steps will pay off sooner or later. Basically, we wanted it for ourselves. They are ready. This product was created in collaboration with a fantastic team. And as we progressed, we saw the possibilities in it.
NFC compatible Smartphones





The visionary behind the smart products and the business strategy, the architect of corporate processes. His international background combines expertise in ecommerce, IT support, and design, bringing together the skills necessary for their precise execution.

"Digitalisation has never been this simple before!"



Hailing from the realm of HR, her expertise lies in creating visually compelling content to support executive selection and recruitment. As a result, she can provide invaluable professional insight to enhance ClickMe's efforts in developing smart business communication tools for maximum effectiveness.

"Make information sharing faster and easier"


Members and partners, to ensure the quality of our service


Production and logistics


Web Developer, Back End, Database


Web Developer, Front End, UI Design


Graphic Designer, Sales Partner


IT, Sales Partner


HR, Business Partner

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We speak: English, German and Hungarian!
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