Expanding Horizons: ClickMe Smart Card Now Available Worldwide!

We are thrilled to bring you exciting news from the world of NFC Smart Tools! Thanks to the interest and demand, we are proud to announce that the ClickMe Smart Card has expanded its reach to include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

ClickMe Smart Card - Innovations Beyond Borders

The ClickMe Smart Card is not just an ordinary smart card;

"It's a innovative smart solution designed to simplify and enhance our daily lives."

With the recent expansion, residents of the mentioned countries can now access this revolutionary technology.

Introducing New Smart Devices - The Hotel Smart Card

But that's not all! The ClickMe Smart Solution now offers an array of new smart devices built on NFC technology. Allow us to introduce the Hotel Smart Card, a game-changer in the hospitality industry. The Hotel Smart Card empowers hotels to elevate guest satisfaction by providing all essential information in one place. From Wi-Fi passwords and local attractions to taxi services and restaurant recommendations, everything guests need is at their fingertips. And that's not all – the card also enables the collection of Google Reviews and TripAdvisor feedback, enriching the guest experience.

Among our offerings, the Pet Pass ID stands out as our most beloved product. These smart pet tags, worn on your furry friend's collar, not only aid in identifying lost dogs and cats, but also offer a wealth of additional information. Alongside contact details for your vet, you can note down your pet's allergies, and if you desire, even share your TikTok or Instagram profile to gather followers during your walks.

Breaking Boundaries - from EU to Worldwide

Until now, these smart devices were exclusively available to residents of the European Union, given that our company's headquarters are located in Austria, Vienna. However, due to the interest, we have decided to extend our offerings to overseas countries. As a result, our products are now available for order in the United States and the United Kingdom, with fast delivery times to match.

Excitingly, Switzerland has also joined the list of accessible countries, and we are actively working on expanding into more markets in the near future with the assistance of reselling partners.

Join as Business Partner

If you are intrigued by the concept of distributing smart devices, we invite you to get in touch. This is a remarkable opportunity to be part of the ClickMe Smart Solution's journey as we continue to redefine convenience and innovation.


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