Why are we different from others?

We receive this question more and more frequently, whether as a comment under a post or in emails.

If we look at the business card function alone, technically we can do the same. It touches, scans, and saves.

But the answer to this question is more nuanced than that.

Our past year was practically dedicated to providing a tool that can not only perform its functions but also seamlessly integrate with the company's branding.

Let's examine this through a currently ongoing project:

A consulting firm ordered custom-branded cards for their executives. However, the question arose of how to make the unique link accessible to those who don't directly interact with clients but still have daily communication with them.

So we generated as many unique profile links as there are employees in the company. This way, they will be able to send their own data using the established company profile, even as an email signature in this case.

Clearly, the company's color codes and branding elements will be reflected in every point of contact. To put it in IT terms, their frontend will be in complete harmony.

Naturally, it is possible for those who simply want to use it as a business card. But we also thought about those who want to convey more information with this opportunity. That's why optional features such as speed dial, navigation, direct mail sending, PDF handling, etc. have been included.

All of these are displayed through an easily editable mini-website.

We value the modular composition. We continuously monitor feedback and strive to provide the most comprehensive solution for the corporate sector.

When the idea of group editing arose from a company leader last autumn because they didn't want to set up their colleagues' cards one by one, we didn't anticipate the efficiency it would bring to profile editing. Now we see it.

So, in answering the question, perhaps we differ in terms of our goal.

We don't want to stand out; we want to blend into the company's branding, thereby allowing the company itself to stand out with a consistent appearance on all fronts.

In order to achieve all of this, we have a web development team at our disposal to assist us. If our partner decides to outsource the editing and simply use the ready-made system, we have a solution for that as well.

I recommend our Premium package to our card users, which is free for everyone in the first week. It's worth testing.

If you don't have a card yet but the solution presented above has piqued your interest, we offer free consultation. We would be happy to personally demonstrate the functionality of the system, using already functioning profiles as examples.


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