Tripadvisor Review Card

Collect Tripadvisor Reviews with NFC or QR Code from your clients, guests or visitors!

What is a Tripadvisor Review card?

From the guest's perspective, all they need is a smartphone to scan the review card using NFC or QR codes.

Our high-quality NFC (Near Field Communication) card allows your customers to effortlessly access your Tripadvisor Review Page quickly. Simply tap the card with a smartphone of your client or guest, and they will be directed straight to the Tripadvisor Reviews page, where they can easily share their experiences.

Stand Out from the Competition!

When you have lots of good reviews, you'll be the first choice for customers.
Watch as your online reputation skyrockets, driving more traffic and boosting your bottom line.
More recent reviews boost the business's ranking on TripAdvisor.
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Tripadvisor Cards

Tripadvisor Review NFC Card


Tripadvisor Review NFC Card (custom design)


Who can benefit from a Tripadvisor Review Card?

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Guesthouses
Restaurants, cafes, bars, street food
Vacation Rentals: Bike, Motorcycle or Car, ADV rental
Events: Guided Tours, Adventure Trips
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Why choose a Tripadvisor Review Card with NFC and QR code?

Quick Review Process

The card enables customers to easily access the review interface, minimizing the length and complexity of the process.

Get More Trust

More good reviews mean more people will trust and choose your business.

NFC Technology

State-of-the-art NFC technology ensures an even smoother and trending review process

better visibility in Google

Unique keywords and relevant content contribute to better visibility in Google search results.


Cards that make your guest say:

This place is cool!!!

Quick Access

Easy to use. Just tap and get information instantly.

No Apps needed

Works without any special apps. Just use your smartphone.
NFC compatible Smartphones

Save Paper

Environment-friendly. Saves paper as everything is digital.


Forget about administration and technical tasks!

We do this in the background

Testimonials and reviews

"Well that's just awesome!"
Peter T.
CEO, Human Resource
"I took great advantage of it during my stay there!"
Sofia K.
"Using the card is a great tool to me to share every important infos with newly arriving guests."
John B.
Local Host
"Why hasn't this been implemented everywhere yet?
Judit S.
Beauty Salon Manager

They also use clickme smart cards:

Ordering Process

1. Order your cards
2. After checkout, we'll ask you for the TripAdvisor page URL or Name
(+a logo or description for design planning if you ordered custom design cards)
3. We produce and send your cards "Ready to Use"
It can be used immediately, you don't need to setup anything on it!

Select Your Tripadvisor Cards

Secret Tip: Show your quality to your customers and select the custom design version:
We print your brand logo or design on the cards! 

Tripadvisor Review NFC Card


Tripadvisor Review NFC Card (custom design)


Select Your Tripadvisor Displays

Tripadvisor Review NFC and QR Code Display incl. Wood Stand



10x Tripadvisor Review NFC and QR Code Display + Wood Stand

Original price was: € 750,00.Current price is: € 480,00.

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