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Welcome to the ClickMe Smart Card digital world!

If you enjoy creative solutions and value unique appearances, you've come to the right place.

Data sharing with a single touch

  • Secure
  • With expandable functionalities
  • Stylish.

This is the ClickMe Smart Card!

  • If needed, it can be a digital business card with NFC, instantly saving your information into your partner's contact list.
  • If needed, a mini website where you can display not only your business card but also other useful information.
  • If needed, a digital business card enhanced with a questionnaire in the hands of an agent.
  • If needed, an information card in an office with a Wi-Fi code, brochure, or anything you desire.
  • If needed, an access card that not only opens the door to your hotel room but also contains all the necessary information to assist you during your stay. Wi-Fi network code, menu, reception call button, navigation back to the hotel if you happen to get lost in the city, Tripadvisor review platform, recommended places in the city, calling a taxi, etc.

The interface offers numerous possibilities for you to customize it according to your own needs and your company's needs.

Design editor

- Upload a logo or profile picture, customize colors, and design unique branding elements.


- Manage all smart cards under a single admin or grant editor access at the card level.


- Create profile templates for faster creation of additional cards.

Password protection

- Restrict access to content at the elemental level.

Websites, social media pages, direct call initiation to a specified number, direct email sending, direct SMS...

You decide how you want to use it!

The built-in NFC chip enables touch-based sharing. The unique QR code generated for your profile allows you to display it anywhere. Yes, even on your t-shirt at an event. The associated profile link helps facilitate connections on digital platforms.

Today, we can say that we are present in various segments of 8 countries in Europe.

Construction industry, hotels, labor force recruitment, real estate investment and development, advertising agencies, insurance, meat processing plants, tattoo salons, private clinics, individual businesses... and we provide customer service in three languages: English, German, and Hungarian.

On the user-friendly dashboard, you can create your own profile within minutes. If you prefer not to deal with editing, you can request our dedicated profile editor who will coordinate the details with you and create your profile for you.

Are you already using it? Did you like it? Become our affiliate partner. We offer a 15% commission for every card purchase as a partner.

You can find all further information on the website.

If you're not yet sure how to maximize the potential of ClickMe, write to us, and after a free consultation, we will provide written suggestions.


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