How to increase guest experience in Hotels and Guesthouses:

"For a caring host, it's not only the comfort and satisfaction of the guests that matter, but also the easy and quick access to all the necessary information for the guests.”

We help reinforce caring hospitality in hotels and guesthouses!

Guest informations with a card touch!

NFC Technology
QR Code
Online link sharing

This is the Hotel Smart Card!

Digitalization in Hospitality

Hybrid cards (PROXI + NFC)
The room key card also serves as a data carrier
All useful and important information available at the touch of a button
Wi-Fi password
Taxi calling, navigation to the hotel - to ensure guests don't feel lost in the city
Tripadvisor / Google reviews at the touch of a button...

...THIS IS the Hotel SMART CARD!

Positive guest experience.

One of the biggest problems that hotel managers need to solve for guests is ensuring a positive and satisfactory guest experience.

"Unlock the new level of caring hospitality”

Digital Guest Information Cards with NFC and online profiles

The interface offers you a plethora of possibilities, which you can truly customize according to your needs, for your company.

The Hotel Smart Card is easy to use and customizable according to the accommodation's specific needs and style.

Customizable content with the design editor
Upload logo or profile picture
Unique branding elements
Upload icons
Functional buttons

The data can be easily added and updated, ensuring they are always up to date.

From the guest's perspective, all they need is a smartphone to scan the data using NFC chips or QR codes.

The information is presented in a clear format and the desired information is just a click away.

The Hotel Guest information cards contain important and useful things that guests often ask

Restaurants and cafés in the area

Recommend the best places where guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Transportation options

Enable guests to navigate public transportation easily or learn about local taxi services.

Sightseeing and activities

Recommend interesting places, landmarks, and activities for guests to explore the area.

On-site services

Allow guests to easily find the reception, wellness facilities, parking spaces, and other services.

Emergency information

Provide necessary information for emergencies, such as the contact details of medical clinics, hospitals, and local police.

Wi-Fi network and password

Simplify the process of connecting to the network. Guests no longer need to enter codes. There is no room for error.


Collect guests' feedback to further improve services for even greater customer satisfaction.

We are here to help you strengthen caring hospitality in your hotel or guesthouse.

"Caring hospitality not only increases guest satisfaction and experience but can also contribute to long-term business success, a better reputation, and increased guest traffic.”

"For a better guest experience.”

They also use clickme smart cards:

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