Michelin Guide will be launched, in which accommodations will receive keys instead of stars

Next year, the new Michelin catalog will be launched, in which accommodations will receive keys instead of stars.

While the gastronomic experience remains important, the awards now also take into consideration guest experiences, which have become increasingly prominent in the restaurant industry recently.

How can we help to receive Michelin keys?

Even though we are not chefs awarded with Michelin stars, we have found an innovative solution to enhance the guest experience. We have ensured that it is accessible for both adults and children, regardless of the size of the accommodation.

A real digital assistant that accompanies the guest during their stay in the accommodation and provides them with all the essential information. In the end, it collects Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor reviews with just one click.

Before the guest asks their question, they already have the answer in hand!

When is breakfast? What is the Wi-Fi code? Which taxi should I call? Where can I go shopping? These are just some of the questions that can be asked multiple times every day. All the answers in one place, at the push of a button, and the guest only needs a smartphone to access them.

How does the smart guest card and review card work?

The foundation is a card with an NFC chip, which also includes a QR code. With us, there is a hybrid version that contains both NFC and Proxi, so the information can be instantly shared, and the guest can simultaneously open the door to the accommodation if they have a Proxi entry system. The information can be loaded by touching the phone or retrieved by scanning the QR code.

What else can it be used for?

With the digital business card function activated, the guest can save the accommodation's business card, from which the information page can be reopened at any time, even after they have returned home. Google Reviews and TripAdvisor reviews can be integrated with the push of a button.

Details about the new Michelin guide announcement:
Michelin Guide Key


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