How to create a website in 5 Minutes?

How to create a simple website quickly, if you don't have time to waste on the details?

You don't want to spend a lot of money on the project right away, but you need a solution that is also optimized for mobile?

ClickMe Smart Site is a creative cloud-based tool that can be used by those who are not in this profession or have never created a website before.

Did you know that you have about 5 seconds to convince a new visitor to stay on your website?

The essence of the ClickMe Mini Website concept is to present only the most important information or keywords to website visitors. So they don't get lost in the details.

The Result: much better conversions.

Think about it, it's like in the traffic: street and city names are signposted, but traffic symbols help for everything else that is necessary in the given situation. There wouldn't be time for more, everything changes so quickly while driving.

The same is true when surfing the web. Therefore, let's see how you can make a targeted mini-website for your project in minutes.

Create a smart website for your project in 5 Steps

  1. Order a Mini Website with pre-made page setting
  2. Create a new account on ClickMe
  3. Upload personal and business informations
  4. Add functional buttons you want and set your brand colors
  5. Customise the URL and publish the website online

Would it be so simple to create a website?

With ClickMe, yes. The ClickMe Smart Solutions takes care of everything else for you, so you don't have to worry about hosting, servers, website add-ons, updates, terms and conditions or privacy policy.

In addition, you can integrate almost any functionality from other online platforms into your ClickMe Mini Website by embedding url links, whether it's a subscription signup feature, calendar, appointment scheduling, or surveys and contact forms.

Visitor-friendly website. Your visitors will love it!

Bring everything together on a user-friendly dashboard. Your customers will appreciate that they can easily find everything. Be simple and let's focus on your business!


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