Digital business cards in the world of companies: trendy or useful?

The digital business card truly burst onto the world's digital market about three years ago, causing a sudden and immense interest in its "magic." It was fascinating to see the jaws drop as those less familiar with the topic were shown the big trick, touching the NFC card to the phone, and it magically loaded the desired information "out of thin air," saving the other party from typing on their phone.

So, we can confidently say the digital business card was trendy.

Over the years, considering user habits and needs, other possibilities within it have emerged.

But what makes something trendy? Because it becomes widely popular; suddenly many people are using and doing it.

And what makes something useful? Because it provides an advantage, supporting our goal. We use it because it helps us in some way.

Let's look at two different cases with one solution:

  1. A manager in a certain field found it burdensome to constantly keep track of personnel changes and the rapidly depleting business cards amid other tasks.
  2. A manufacturing company operating in Hungary with a foreign parent company is not allowed any social media or other online presence; they cannot have their own website. But they want to share information, ease their recruitment processes, and build an Employer Brand.

In the first case, traditional business cards were replaced with a more sustainable digital business card that still carries the brand's visual elements. In the second case, the solution is more complex.

Here, it's not just about transferring contact details; it's about sharing additional information.

With this type of digital business cards, depending on our position and the assigned priorities, we can have interactive buttons

A few examples include:

  • PDF document/catalog
  • company navigation
  • Wi-Fi code
  • subscribable newsletter with one press of a button
  • integratable Google survey
  • immediate access to Google reviews with one press, and so on.

For the mentioned company, this could involve embedding the company introduction video, immediate access to current job offers, a recommendation form for existing employees, and the ability to send an email to the digital business card owner in case of interest. Immediate SMS sending if an employee reports sick and doesn't know whom to contact urgently. Important contact numbers can also be displayed, allowing one-touch access to HR, payroll, security, anyone. Since all the company's cards can be managed under a corporate admin, who can update the card content online anytime.

The functions can be toggled on and off, so the card can function only as a business card, displaying nothing else but contact details. It can work only as a newsletter subscription tool or just as a Google review card.

In essence, the digital business card can function as an interactive mini-website, and its content can be tailored to the current position.

Another advantage of digital business cards is that their information can be recalled and updated at any time. So, if someone hasn't spoken to someone in two years and is unsure if their phone number is still the same, they can retrieve the profile via a special link saved in the business card from two years ago and update it with current information. Each button can be equipped with a PIN code, ensuring that only those who know the assigned code can see the data behind the buttons. It can also be used in multiple languages if that is a priority.

It has its internal system and wants to run on that? Nowadays, that's not a problem either.

So, to answer the question, by the end of 2023, the digital business card in the world of companies can be both trendy and useful at the same time.


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