Comparative Test: Which Digital Business Card is the Best Choice?

Today, we delve into an intriguing topic that holds significant importance for many in the business realm: digital business card

NFC and QR Code Business Cards for companies

In an era where online presence reigns supreme, having an effective digital business card can be pivotal in establishing and maintaining successful business relationships.

As technology advances, we are presented with an array of options for creating digital business cards. But which one is the most suitable choice for your company? In this post, we conduct a comprehensive comparative test among various versions of digital business cards to assist you in making the best decision.

Test Subjects:

ClickMe Smart Card: Digital business cards with NFC and QR Code

  • Standard
  • Business
  • VIP

Tested Criteria

User Interface and Usability

All three versions of the digital business cards can be edited via an online interface. In the Business and VIP versions, there is also the option for group data management, enabling centralized handling of employee digital business card data. For VIP users, there's even the option for ClickMe Smart Card to manage the digital content on behalf of clients, allowing everyone to focus on their core business.

Appearance, Customization

Each smart business card has an NFC function and a QR code

  • Standard: The digital business card features a fixed front and back design.
  • Business: Custom graphics, such as company logos, can be added to the front, while the back maintains a fixed layout but can be personalized with details like name, company name, and title.
  • VIP: Professional graphic design is available at no extra cost. Both the front and back can be tailored according to specific requirements, including the option to remove the ClickMe brand logo.


In terms of digital functionalities, all versions serve as instantly downloadable digital business cards, but additional smart features can be integrated, such as uploading PDF documents, website links, surveys, subscription forms, Google review requests, etc.

Value for Money

The price difference between the types of digital business cards offered by ClickMe stems from the additional services attached to them, such as custom graphic design, handling administrative tasks, etc. Calculating the time it would take for an individual to handle these tasks personally, it's likely much more cost-effective to entrust them to experts who deal with them on a daily basis and possess significant expertise.

NFC Card type, functions and service comparison:

Digital Business CardStandardBusinessVIP
QR Code
URL Link sharing
Business Logo
Name / Title
Customizable Card front
Customizable Card back
No ClickMe branding
Card designing service
Data upload service
Miniwebsite function
PDF doc. upload
Facebook link
Instagram link
X link
TikTok link
YouTube link
Linkedin link
Website links
Wifi password
Direct call
Design Editor
Custom Links
Admin data management
Password protection
Design Templates
Points19 / 2824 / 2828 / 28

NFC Digital Business Cards - Comparison Results

In terms of functionality, any version of the smart business card holds its ground. However, from a business perspective, our digital appearance is a crucial factor. It should align with the company's values if we aim to make a positive impression on our business partners. In this regard, either the Business or VIP version emerges as the frontrunner.

We hope this comparative test has aided you in your decision-making process, and we look forward to welcoming you soon as a user of our smart business solutions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading this blog post, and we wish you every success in selecting the most suitable digital business card for your needs!


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