How to order a Google Review Card and adapt it to your company's style

How and at what cost can you safely obtain your own Google review card?

In a previous post, we wrote about how you can extract the google reviews link from your Google profile.

Now we'll show you the process and cost if you want a custom-designed Google review card for yourself. You can request it in our online shop here with a unique front cover design and an already integrated google review link. So, when you receive it, you just need to use it, and there will be nothing else to do.

Here's how to order Google Review or Tripadvisor Review Cards:

  1. After clicking on the link, select the product.
  2. On this interface, you can provide the company information for the page for which you want to request the google review card.
  3. (If you order NFC Review Cards with custom design, you have the option to upload a logo, image, or anything you want to customize its appearance after the order is done.)
  4. The next step is to add it to the cart.
  5. Here, you can review the details of your order. Please add your VAT Number of your company for correct VAT regulation in the invoice. Proceed to checkout.

Our prices for Google Review Cards and Tripadvisor Review Cards:

A Standard Google Review card costs 20 EUR (16,67 EUR + VAT). This may vary if you want a unique design or if you order a larger quantity (10+).

Order Google Review Card and Tripadvisor Review Card with NFC and QR Code

Add your Review Page link or Company name to the order.


First and foremost, your data will not be shared with any third party. Our software is an Austrian-Hungarian collaboration, and it is protected by multi-layer encryption, continuous updates and improvements, and a dedicated server in Germany. We don't sell pre-manufactured mass products.


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