NFC Digital Business Cards vs ClickMe Smart Card

What's the difference between a regular digital business card and a ClickMe Smart Card?

More and more people are using digital business cards in business.
We've already explained what types they are, what the main differences are and how you can make your own nfc digital business card.

Those in the economy who are running programmes to move to greener and more sustainable solutions have already started to switch from paper to digital business cards years ago.

We'd like to show you why others have decided to take the opportunity to switch to digital business cards:

  • Unlike paper business cards, you only need one of these, you don't have to print them all the time, as they don't run out.
  • If any of your details change, you can change and update the old one online at any time, and what's more, you can have your details updated in our partners' databases.
  • It doesn't just work with a touch of the phone. It can be used with a QR code and also as a link only, as a virtual card.
  • The digital business card can be transferred to a new colleague if there is a change of personnel in the company.
  • This is the future. The use of paper is being reduced wherever possible.

And why they chose the ClickMe Smart Card:

  • Proprietary software runs in the background, and data security was a key focus during its development.
  • Not only in the background, but also in the user interface, where additional privacy settings are possible, such as enabling the use of PINs for sensitive content.
  • Thanks to centralised data management, the person in charge designated by the company can edit the content of the employee cards. All data in one place and in one hand.
  • In addition to business card and social media data, there are many options for sharing information, such as uploading PDFs, videos or even questionnaires.
  • It is also possible to outsource card management, so that a dedicated content editor keeps updating based on the information received.
  • While a generic digital business card runs in one language, ClickMe Smart Card is currently available in 11 languages, including the editorial interface itself.
  • As it is proprietary software, it is possible to request custom enhancements, so it can also run on the company's server under its own branding.
  • Customizable design appearance inside and out.


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