NFC Software Development

Anyone can buy a blank NFC or RFID card, but you will need a software to display any content

"Usually that's where we lose the customer, after we've made him aware that almost anything is possible!"

We are one of the few in the global market, who are not only present as a distributor of NFC devices (NFC Cards or NFC Tags), but also develop the software framework that serves them.

Digital Business Card

It all started with the creation of our own Digital Business Card brand years ago.

Smart Dog and Cat Tags

This was followed by the Smart Pet Pass ID Tags, which is an improved version of the dog chip, because anyone can identify the stray pet with a mobile phone and important health information can also be made available if the owner so wishes.

Smart Hotel and Guest Cards, Info Cards, Review Cards

Unfortunately, we are restless, we also love to travel, and we embarked on another big project, in which we provide hotel guests and other hospitality establishments with Smart Guest Cards that, in addition to the Wi-Fi code, also show countless useful information, become a kind of digital tour guide for the guests, but can also open the room door. All in One.

Of course, the majority of customers usually only ask for digital business cards for managers. But when we show how many useful sales and marketing support functions we can use on the same cards, two outcomes are possible:
Some people are speechless because they don't even understand how it is possible to solve so many things with one card.
And there are times when they suddenly start to come up with ideas, and then this and that could be included, and I wonder if that could even be done?

Yes it can be. In fact, we can even develop unique software for unique purposes for NFC Cards and NFC Tags.

Is the goal to increase efficiency, sustainability, digital innovation in business, the introduction of environmentally conscious tools or the collection of data and feedback?

First, let's see what you need most. We are specialists in NFC software development.


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