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NFC Digital Business Card

I will be whatever you want!

Every ClickMe Smart Card works as a Digital Business Card in its basic function, so by touching it to a phone, it loads your contact information, which can be saved to the device with just a few clicks.
But that's not all, because you can activate additional features like a mini website function, document sharing, integrate appointment booking, Google reviews, or whatever you desire.
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We create it in your custom design.

NFC Cards for Tripadvisor, Google Reviews and more...

Smart Guest Card

For a better guest experience

Are you a hotel manager, responsible for marketing or guesthouse owner?
Do you want to know more about the 5STAR Guest experience booster?
Digitalization in Hospitality: The Hotel Smart Card is easy to use and customizable according to the accommodation's specific needs and style. Smart profiles can be easily updated. From the guest's perspective, all they need is a smartphone to scan the data using NFC chips or QR codes.
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Pet Pass ID

A smart solution to help lost pets reunited to their owners

What would happen if you lost your dog or cat?
This small Tag can be attached to your dog's/cat's collar and can be scanned by anyone without an app using NFC and QR code.
So, when you come across a stray pet, the first thing you can see on their digital profile is the informations of the owner.
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NFC Cards / RFID Cards

with a smart software solution

Share your contact and any other informations by touching a smartphone
NFC = Near Field Communication, is a short-range, wireless data transfer technique that allows to transfer data from a distance of a few centimeters - without connecting the devices with anything other than radio waves.
NFC compatible Smartphones


The STANDARD and BUSINESS NFC cards differ only in printed outfit.


ClickMe Smart Card

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ClickMe Design
No custom text
Digital Business Card
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
€ 15.00
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ClickMe Smart Card

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Custom Design
Name or other text
Digital Business Card
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
€ 24.00
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Mini Website

ClickMe Virtual Card

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Virtual Card:
or optional upgrade to your printed Card
QR Code or URL Link
Mini Website Editor

Monthly fee, incl. Server fee:
€ 12.00
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Google Reviews NFC Card

Collect reviews

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Google Reviews Design
(optional: your logo)
QR Code
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
From € 8.00
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Tripadvisor Review NFC Card

Collect reviews

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Tripadvisor Design
(optional: your logo)
QR Code
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
From € 8.00
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Hotel Smart Card

ClickMe Guest Card

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Custom Design
QR + Hotel Name / Room Nr.
Optional add on:
RFID door key
Guest Cards + Service:
depends on the quantity
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Not a boxed mass product.
We developed it to meet specific needs with multi-level data security solutions.


Your smart card can be customized with a few clicks.


Less paper, more info.
One card for lifetime.


Runs on all devices:
Android / iOS / Windows.

It has never been this simple before!

MIni Website

Virtual business card with Smart QR Code or link sharing

Share your online profile (mini website) whereever you want!
We have developed a unique mini website editor interface. We provide the server infrastructure, maintenance, and all necessary prerequisites combined with GDPR and data protection policies.
Editing doesn't require IT expertise
- anyone can create it in minutes.
The created mini websites are accessible both on the card and online, using a URL link.
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Functions for enhancing customer experience!

optional upgrade for every ClickMe Smart Card


Save contact data in the phone

Social Media

Share Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok or Linkedin channels in one touch.


Collect your websites and any other important url links on one place


Target the card to any function immediately, and skip preview page

PDF Upload

Share docs, presentations, business offers


Local Wireless password sharing

Direct Call

Phone call can be started with one click


No tiping is necessary, just one click on the button

Design editor

Upload logo or profile picture, set colors or special icons

Password Protection

Secure informations from public


Open Google maps or any app and start the route planing to your business


Premium service for companies

Admin Tools

Select an admin to manage all cards of the employees


Check employee activity - soon*


Check smart business card usage and profile visitor statistics - soon*


Save online profile design and duplicate presets to other smart cards of the group

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