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NFC Smart Card -
Smart Business Card

Share your contact and any other informations by touching a smartphone
NFC = Near Field Communication, is a short-range, wireless data transfer technique that allows to transfer data from a distance of a few centimeters - without connecting the devices with anything other than radio waves.


& QR

A unique appearance that will surely not be forgotten! All your links and digital content will finally be in one place! And your contact information will be up to date from now on!


Less paper, more info.
One card for lifetime.


Your smart card can be customized with a few clicks.


Runs on all devices:
Android / iOS / Windows.
NFC compatible Smartphones


Link-Bio Miniwebsite,
ready to use in 10 mins.
Premium Subscription



ClickMe Design
No custom text
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
€ 24.90
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Custom Design
Name or other text
One-time cost (no monthly fee):
€ 44.90
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EVERY ClickMe Smart Card =
Digital Business Card

...but not every digital business card is also a smart card

The STANDARD and BUSINESS NFC cards differ only in their physical design. Every ClickMe Smart Card functions as a digital business card by default, meaning that when it's touched to a smartphone, it loads your contact information, which can be saved to the device with just a few clicks.

This service is available to all ClickMe Smart Card owners free of charge.


optional add-ons, for every ClickMe Smart Card, If you desire more.

#Mini website


Save contact data directly in the phone

Social Media
Share all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok or Linkedin channels in one touch.
Collect your websites and any other important url links on one place.
PDF Upload

Share docs, presentations, business offers

Direct Call
No tiping is necessary, a phone call can be started with one click from the site.
No tiping is necessary, just one click on the button and the mail app open and the address field will be filled automatically.
Design editor
Upload logo or profile picture, set background colors or special icons for the buttons.
Password Protection

Secure informations from public

Open Google maps or any navi app on your phone and start the route planing to your business address.


For Companies
Admin Tools
You can select an admin to manage all cards of the employees.

Check employee activity soon*

Check smart business card usage and profile visitor statistics.
Save your online profile (mini website) design and duplicate your presets to other smart cards of the group.
We provide the background with server maintenance, online storage in the cloud and all official needs for GDPR and privacy policy.
Premium users share automatically the online profile by using the ClickMe Smart Card.

Premium Features

Digital profiles for your digital business card

Share your online profile (mini website) whereever you want!
With any ClickMe Smart Card, it is possible to activate the premium package.
You can cancel at any time without any obligation. If the subscription is terminated for any reason, the card can still be used with the basic functions as a normal digital business card (vcard sharing).
€ 24.90

Service Fee

Activate or cancel at any time


Make relationship building faster and easier.

Our goal is to make relationship building faster and easier among each other while reducing paper usage.

15 reasons why Digital Business Cards are the future

Digital business cards surpass traditional paper-based cards with their convenience, eco-friendliness, and seamless sharing capabilities. They provide up-to-date information, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness while meeting customer expectations and offering analytics, online advertising, and a competitive edge.

Digital Business Cards: What to Know Before You Buy!

Compare digital business cards. Which one offers what and what are the differences between them?

Why are we different from others?

We stand out from other digital business card providers because of our seamless integration with company branding and comprehensive solution. With unique profile links tied to the company's branding, we offer a consistent appearance for individuals. Additionally, our optional features and customizable approach set us apart, providing a superior experience for our clients.


  • "I just love it! It's innovative, modern and not to mention that you don't have to constantly pay attention to when the existing supply of business cards runs out. I associate as many things as I want and it won't be too crowded. I do several things, so I don't need a separate business card for each activity. Do we need a better solution?''
    Zsanett Hajsz, Freelancer
  • "I hate business cards. When someone wants to give me a business card, I ask if it's okay to give it back to them because I don't like collecting them. Everyone has a smartphone now, so I just clip the plastic card and transfer all my information to the client. This is eco-friendly and saves us from having to reprint business cards from time to time. If I don't like collecting them, I can imagine that other business owners don't like it either. The ClickMe Smart Card solves this problem."
    Vörös Szilva, Organizational Development Consultant.
  • "ClickMe is the brilliant creation of two brilliant people. A plastic card, a QR code, and everything that is you! Forget about old-fashioned paper business cards! ClickMe allows your partners, friends, and new acquaintances to access your contact information, website, and social media platforms with just one click. One card, and the days of exchanging scribbled phone numbers, scouring Facebook and LinkedIn, and handing out worn, coffee-stained business cards are over. Quick, innovative, compact, and trendy."
    Koncz Eszter,  HR consultant.
  • "As the operator of numerous Facebook, YouTube, Insta channels and websites, it regularly caused me trouble when someone asked me where to find me online? Of course, I'm not going to have to go through all the pages on his phone one by one, that wouldn't be very elegant. Using the ClickMe card solved all of these problems at once, as I can give others my entire reference list with one tap, without having to search for anything. I love it!“
    Geri on Tour, Travel blogger
  • "Using the card is a great help to me in matching data with newly arriving guests. Plus, this way, I can share a lot more things with those who are interested, including my Facebook and YouTube channels.”
    Judit Simon, Beauty Salon Manager

How it works?

1. Order your card
2. Fill your profile
3. Use the NFC card or share your link online

Do you have any questions?

Or are you ready for digital adventures?


We are specialized for businesses to boost the performance in the communication and personal relationships.


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