What is a digital business card?

What is a digital business card and how to use it?

We have written many professional articles in recent years about the types and uses of NFC cards. However, we see that in most cases, people are not even familiar with the basics of a digital business card. Therefore, here is a summary in user-friendly language.

What is a digital business card?

It is usually a plastic card with an NFC chip that, when touched to a smartphone, displays information.

What is NFC?

It's a wireless communication option that allows devices to send data by touching. Its range is typically between 1-30 mm.
It works on the same principle as a bank card when making contactless payments at the cashier, but in this case, no transaction data is transmitted.

What smartphone is needed to scan an NFC card?

Almost every smartphone currently in the markt can read NFC digital business cards. However, it may happen that NFC is not enabled in the smartphone's settings, so you need to turn it on in the phone's menu, similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

How does a digital business card work?

Digital business cards typically don't store personal data. The data is in the cloud, as online content. The card serves as a contact tool, allowing the phone to load this information through its browser via a URL link. This could be read by Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Where do the data go on the phone when scanning a digital business card?

The data is not automatically saved; the phone user needs to save the displayed contact information in their phone's contacts.

What can be done if the digital business card doesn't communicate with a smartphone?

Usually, there is a QR code on the back of the card, so by scanning the QR code with the phone's camera, the data can be accessed in the same way.

Is it possible to share business cards by a smartphone?

Yes, the personal profile can be accessed via a URL link, allowing you to share it with partners through messages or even embed it in email signatures.

Which app should be installed to use digital business cards?

For the ClickMe Smart Card digital business card, there is no need to install any App for reading or editing the card. Everything is accessed through a website. For other manufacturers, it may be necessary to install a separate App for editing the card's data.

How can I order a smart business card?

In our online shop, you choose whether you want a basic or custom-designed digital business card and place your order. If you requested a custom design, our graphic designer will contact you through mail and create your card's printing preview free of charge. You can upload the contact information for the card yourself through an online platform after receiving your card.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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